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Leticia Reinaldo
Modeler and Texture Artist
"As is evident in my personal work, my heart is definitely in modeling characters. I have fun doing environments as well especially when it can be viewed as a character itself. I love images that tell stories. I think that is the most important thing.   

Christopher Malheiros
Visualisation Artist & Architect
"The 3d industry is developing at a really fast pace. I feel that there are cycles, like in fashion or design with the 70's, 80's or 90's that became popular again this past years. 5-10 years ago the graphical approach really developed in the 3d industry, but now it seems that 3d artists are more into hyper realistic things so I developed a more realistic but still graphical approach.  

Chaotic Atmospheres
Freelance Illustrator, Digital Artist
"My style and aspirations are not "marketing ready", so I had to make a lot of concessions about my work and my personal universe. In the end, I wasn't doing what I wanted, so, I decided to stop working for others and to follow my own path.  

Tony Andreas Rudolph
Visual Effects Artist
"Mainly I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6. For my character concepts I am using mostly a combination of Photoshop and zBrush. Last but not least I use Autodesk Maya for my Matte Paintings and Concept Art. Now I am interested in Arnold or VRay Rendersoftware.   

Fredrik Swering - Haymaker
Creative Director - Creative Effects Company
"The most important skill is timing. It does not matter if you have really nice models or effects if they don't move naturally or with a nice flow.  

Creative Director - Creative Effects Company
"Our core makes out of Maya with Vray and Renderman, Zbrush/Mudbox, Mari, Houdini, Naijad and Nuke for compositing. We are constantly feeding all applications with our own scripts.  

Alma Mater
VFX Production Company
"The bottom line is that we want to continually challenge ourselves creatively, and those demands often require exploring new techniques and tools to achieve our collective vision. "   

VFX Production Company
The fact that we were tasked with creating a high energy, dramatic piece for financial software was a challenge. Finding the right metaphor to coordinate the end product and the viewer demographic was the path that led us through the creative. "   

The Marmalade
Production Company
It is our aim to consistently produce great and beautiful imagery and occasionally push one or the other boundary in the process. "   

Troublemakers TV
VFX Production Company
This process is usually quite organic. Usually we both feel we have to work with each other. It’s like a couple when they have similar interests and esthetics they start flirting together. "   

Oishii Creative
VFX Production Company
We have an extensive process where we balance creativity with clear and consistent brand messaging. We don’t force any style or trend in our process; instead, we listen to what the project calls for and create the appropriate solutions."   


VFX Production Company

We started in May of 2008. This was right before the Great Recession started, a fact that was both scary and motivating."   


Evermotion VFX
Visual Production Company
Continuous learning and development is the foundation in this business. We realize that to neglect technological aspects may delay our work and be the beginning of the end of our business.   

Big Machine Design
Visual Production Company
We excel at developing concepts, but we're equally at home executing an agency's ideas. Each approach has its benefits, and we are adept at adjusting to every client's needs. We've developed everything from a simple logo to entire TV shows. 


Production Company
My goal was to create something new, explore more colors and have some fun with After Effects curves! I think artists should take a break to create something for themselves…. It’s good for your brain, and good for your soul. "

Architectural Design Studio
we try to meet with the most qualified people and have them talk about general things to get a sense of their personality and character. We are always looking for talented artists, but we also need “good people” in our office to create a fun and pulsating environment."

Kalman Ruszkai
Houdini FX TD
At Dr. D, I had the opportunity to meet hundreds of talented people from all over the World. We were treated extremely well, and I really liked how George Miller worked on this film."

David Lesperance
Environment Artist at Microsoft
Honestly I just work as hard as I can while trying to maintain a personal life.  I think that helps with the art."

Mark Laszlo
3D Generalist
One of the stupidest disputes is the one surrounding the traditional versus computer-based tools. There are no two distinct categories, there are just a bunch of tools."

Andrew Reynolds
President motion504
We all have a great desire to continue to learn so we each end up doing a huge variety of things on any given project."

Onur Senturk 
Design Director Prologue Films
For me everything begins with pen and paper. In some cases, while catching critical deadlines, you need horsepower. This is where technology is crucial"

Solid Studio 
Animation Studio - production and post-production
"Solid is built around the idea of bridging design and emerging technologies.”

Physalia Studio 
Animation Studio - production and post-production
"We tried several things at first in this line that didn't work at all, and finally decided to try to use this cool software we had been wanting to use for a while, Pepakura, that allows you to create unfolded paper patterns out of 3D models. ”

Acatrinei Lucian 
Industrial Designer
"I try to be as logic as possible, ultimately, I think every project is a marriage of logics and instinct. ”

Animation Studio - production and post-production
"We prefer, because of our size structure, to have people who know different tools or at least have a global knowledge of our pipeline. So they are able to anticipate production problems. ”

BMW 328 
Hommage Concept
"The 328 Hommage, a design study of a speedster inspired by the legendary 328 model. Among the features are the carbon-fiber body and the asymmetric windscreen.”

Philip Hunt 
Studio AKA
"Our method is simple; we try to find bespoke creative solutions for each and every problem we are faced with rather than applying a set of preconceived stylistic looks or techniques”

Linus Lundin
Freelance 3D Designer 
"I think it’s a waste of time and sweat to learn and be good at everything if you really not wanna work with that, but on the other hand you have to be kind of broad as a freelancer. ”

Andy Turner
Freelance 3D Designer 
"Knowing what you need to do to get something to look really good on screen is a very useful skill.”

Djordje Jovanovic
3D Designer 
"I tend to learn something new and to present myself with new challenge with each new project. Otherwise it can become a bit boring.”

3D Design Studio
"A 3D artist must have a vision in his portfolio. Something different, something personal, something to catch the attention, to stand out from the crowd. This is the most important thing. Skills can be developed, is a learning process. But a personal vision is a must have.”

Mauro Lecchi
Product Designer
"During the second year I did a Masters in Transportation Design in collaboration with Lamborghini. Now I'm working in an important design studio in Milan, on all sorts of industrial products.”

Production Company  
"Since most projects are, or were initiated, after hours we didn’t have the luxury of time – therefore the choice of software was dictated by the speed and quality.”

Alex Liki
3D Character Artist  
"I couldn’t believe in what I was seeing, it was so real, it didn’t look as something done in a computer. Looked like they had captured real dinossaurs. Some years later I saw Bug’s Life and remembered thinking “I have to learn how to do this”.

Virgil Tanasa
Senior Animator Lionhead Studios  
"Modeling and texturing, rendering and everything else is to me an accessory to help me create my own worlds where I can transpose my ideas and stories through movement, through animation. " 

Guido Zimmermann
Character TD PDI/ DreamWorks 
"The work of a Character TD has definitely a deep impact on the production side. If the character setups are done well, the studio will save time and money during the production. One of the great challenges we have is to protect the animators from all the technical difficulties that 3D computer animation naturally brings with it. " 

Hiroshi Ono
president Happy Design
"I always say that a designer is not necessarily an artist. Though having talent is important, I believe the most important skill a designer should have is the ability to analyze the clients’ needs and wills. " 

Bogdan Lazar
co-owner and Animation Director of Golem Studio
"In times of crisis, animation is an option to invest less and get interesting effects.." 

Simone Kraus
co-owner and Animation Director of TRIXTER
"The challenge on Ninja Assassin was not only to create some invisible VFX, but also to develop the look for the more stylized effects and animation, particularly those for the digital blood and the trails of the shurikens, knives and chains." 

David Nasser
Character Animator
"I get valuable feedback from great artists, refine my animation skills and meet new and old friends wherever I go." 

PICTORION das werk
Visual Effects Studio
"It is difficult if the vision is blurred by too many people, marketing studies and influences of all these “political” stuff. Then it is hard to decide how much of your own vision and ideas needed to be put in and where to let go." - Rolf Muetze

Visual Effects Studio
"we don't’ intend to complete a style. Maybe some people can see and feel “WOW’s style” from outside.”.

Cormac Kelly
Visual Effects and 3D  Artist
"The minute I discovered depth perception, I’d have to say I was hooked. My first brush with the software however, as far as I remember was a little program that came with a computer magazine back in the nineties called “Simply 3D”.

Ihsu Yoon
3D Architectural Designer
"I see architecture as both: an art and a science. For me, architecture is the most attractive art. The reason I like visual architecture is that I can find a beautiful proportion in every piece of architecture."

Shrek The Third
Video interviews
"When you meet with them, their world is so complete and their ideas are so great, the dialogue begins because you are never shown a script. This is the entire script." - Mike Myers

Visual Effects Company
Increasingly, visual effects are not just relegated to post – we’re involved in every stage of production, sometimes even before there’s a script

Motion Theory
Visual Effects Company
Scientific Data is Transformed into a Unique Visual Language in 'Data Baby,' Directed by Mathew Cullen for Ogilvy & Mather/NY

Tony Prosser
Managing Director RealtimeUK
"Our initial approach was to simply increase the polygons and texture resolutions of everything, but we quickly learnt the dangers of that approach."

Mike Stern
Animator at Dreamworks Animation
"It's great to be on the other side of the fence and to be able to pass along the things that I've learned. I've had some super talented students that would impress me with their submissions week after week."

Carlo De Agostini
Freelance Art Director
"Masterpieces are important to catch the new clients, but personally working with strategy and communication I believe it’s essential to demonstrate a good vision of the project"

Valentin Leonida
3D Concept Artist Ubisoft
"I was fascinated by the possibility of seeing something virtual. The enthusiasm was stronger than the tools at that time. I started with Infini-D, followed by Maxon Cinema 3dXL."

Tsahi Reznick
Partner at Argaman Creative
"As a kid I was very captivated with animatronics and I think that 3D attracted me because it eventually became an alternative to animatronics as a medium that allows artists to achieve endless possibilities in all genres of animation and cinema."

Creative Production Company
"An important goal for each of us, in every project we take on, is getting people to think. With this piece, it is not just a provocation but a call to action."

Jorge Bacellar
Freelance CG Artist 
"There is something unique in all of us, life experience. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, a big city full of social and cultural contrasts.."

Alessandro Baldasseroni
Senior Character artist Blur Studio 
"It`s way easier now than ever before to build a portfolio of several pieces in a very short time, the problem is consistency."

2010 Concept Cars 
The Audi Avatar Concept is a futuristic 3-seat electric supercar inspired by the modern racing videogames and by the 1937 Auto Union Type C Streamline with an aerodynamic exterior with three glass canopies.

Kim Lorang 
Cloth and Hair Shot TD
"As an independent artist, I would say that Qualoth would be a good bet for someone who wanted to do cloth without the benefit of all the proprietary tools, and Autodesk's Ncloth is a good choice too."

A fellow artist's son is in dire need of medical care 
The 17-year-old son of former Disney story artist and Big Idea productions director Tim Hodge, was in a serious auto accident.

Museum of beauty 
Future is here
Konica Minolta has opened an excellent online Museum of Beauty that allows its visitors to better understand the Louvre’s famous sculpture of Venus de Milo.

Patty Yuan 
Product Designer
At Hugo Boss, I worked within a group of six to propose a collection concept for the HUGO brand under its Creative Director Eyan Allen.

Nissan V2G wins LA's 2009 Design Challenge 
The Nissan V2G has been announced as the winner of the Los Angeles Auto Show's 2009 Design Challenge. The V2G (Vehicle to Grid) Concept was chosen for its holistic approach in answering the future's design questions raised by the theme "Youthmobile 2030".

Mark Benard 
Owner for Lost Boys Learning
"What I love about students is that they don't have any preconceived notions about what's possible and what isn't."

Zoran Krstic 
Director Open Studio 
"We have Pepsi Kan, a character that is transformed from a Pepsi can, and has lived for years now, in many different situations and commercials. Also, we definitely rely more on people and their creativity, than on the technique."

Neil Blevins 
Technical Director 
Like I'll be on a hike in the mountains, and see a tree stump that's an odd shape. And then as I keep walking I find my mind is constantly going back to that tree stump, and reorganizing it into some sort of creature robot or alien city

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